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General information about Cyprus visa.

Visa support in Cyprus
To send and pick up documents, passport to/out of the embassy and consulates in Nicosia.

Cyprus Visa Requirements

Visa Application Forms

Special form for EU Citizens

Special form for Cyprus Citizens

Passport (διαβατηριο), ID card (ταυτότητα), birth certificate (πιστοποιητικο γεννησεως)

Forms for foreigners

Application for issue of residence card for non-eu citizens family members of union citizen

INSTRUCTIONS: How to Complete the Application MEU 2A
1. The application for the issue of RESIDENCE CARD is submitted by Family Members of a Union citizen who are not citizens of a Member-State, within four months from the date of entry into the Republic of Cyprus.
2. For the issue of RESIDENCE CARD the Non-EU citizen Family Members of a Union citizen must submit the following documents:
(a) Valid Passport.
(b) A document attesting to the existence of a family relationship.
(c) Where appropriate, the Registration Certificate of the Union citizen whom they are accompanying or joining.
(d) In the case of a spouse of a Union citizen and direct descendants under 21 or who are dependants of the citizen and those of the spouse, proof of existence of a family relation and that the said family members are dependants.
(e) In the case of any other family member of the Union citizen not falling under the definition in paragraph 2(d), a document issued by the relevant authority in the country of origin or country from which they are arriving certifying that they are dependants or members of the household of the Union citizen, or proof of the existence of serious health grounds which render the personal care of the family member by the Union citizen absolutely necessary.
(f) Proof of the existence of a consistent relationship with the Union citizen.
(g) Two Passport-sized photographs.
3. The Residence Card shall be valid for five years from the date of the issue or for the envisaged period of residence of the Union citizen, if this period is less than five years.
4. The fees payable are £20,00 (€34,17).
5. Failure to comply with the registration requirement shall render the person concerned liable to a financial penalty up to £1.500,00 (€2.562,90).

You might be traveling to the Republic of Cyprus for different reasons whether it is for a short stay as a tourist or a businessperson or with a purpose of employment and residence. You could also stop in Cyprus as a transit passenger. In any way, there are cases when a visa of a certain kind is required.

Countries whose citizens are required to have an entry visa to Cyprus

Countries whose citizens are NOT required to have an entry visa to Cyprus
Citizens of the following countries are not required to have Cyprus visa for a stay of up to 90 days, provided they are bona fide visitors

Special categories of persons that are not required to have an entry visa to Cyprus
Persons of the following categories are not required to have a Cyprus visa:
- Holders of Diplomatic and Service passports of Armenia, China, Colombia, Iran, Moldova, the Russian Federation, Ukraine and the Seychelles.
- Holders of Diplomatic, Service and Official passports of Cuba.
- Holders of Diplomatic, Service and Special passports of Egypt.
- All civilian air and sea crew.
- The flight crew and attendants on emergency or rescue flights and other helpers in the event of disaster or accident.
- The civilian crew of ships navigating in international waters.
- The holders of laissez-passer issued by the United Nations to their officials.
- School pupils having the nationality of one of the countries whose citizens are required a Cyprus visa and who reside in one of the countries whose citizens are not required a Cyprus visa, and are traveling in the context of a school excursion as members of a group of pupils accompanied by a teacher from the school in question.
- All persons who are in possession of work permit issued by the Civil Archive and Migration Officer.
- All persons who possess permanent or temporary residence permit issued by the Civil Archive and Migration Officer.
- All persons who possess study permit.

Categories of visas

Short-stay or travel visas, including multiple-entry visas.
If you are traveling to the Republic of Cyprus for reasons other than immigration, and your visit does not exceed three months, you might need a travel visa. The travel visa gives you the right for a continuous visit or several visits to Cyprus. The duration of visits in total should not exceed three months in any half of a year from the date of the first visit. In general the short-stay Cyprus visa is issued for one or several visits.

In case you need to come to Cyprus often (business trips etc.) it is possible to get a multiple-entry visa for several visits. The total duration of the visits should not exceed three months in any half of a year from the date of the first entry. The multiple-entry Cyprus visa is valid for one year. In exceptional cases it might be valid for more than a year but no more than five years for certain categories of persons.

How to get a short-stay Cyprus visa

Long-stay visas
If you are planning to stay in Cyprus for more than three months you will have to apply for a long-stay visa.

Cyprus Residence Visa Information

Cyprus Work Permit Information

Cyprus Work Permit Information for EU nationals

Cyprus Student Visa Information

Airport transit visa (ATV)
If you have to pass through the international transit area of Cypriot airports without actually entering the national territory of Cyprus during a stop-over or transfer between two stages of an international flight, you might need an Airport Transit Visa. The requirement to have this type of visa is an exception to the general rule to transit without a visa through Cyprus.

Countries whose citizens are required to have Cyprus visa for Airport Transit

Transit visas
If you are traveling from one country to another country and you have to pass through the territory of the Republic of Cyprus, to do so you might need a Transit Visa. This visa may be issued for one transit, or exceptionally for several transits. The duration of each transit case should not exceed five days. The transit visa is issued provided that the entry of the traveler into the territory of the destination country is guaranteed and that the route taken normally requires transit through Cyprus.

Group visas
This is a transit visa or a visa limited to a maximum of thirty days, which may be affixed to a group passport - except where national legislation provides otherwise - issued to a group of travelers formed prior to the decision to travel. The group visa is issued, provided that the members of the group enter the territory, stay there and leave it as a group.

Group visas may be issued to groups of between 5 and 50 people. The person in charge of the group should possess an individual passport and, where necessary, an individual visa.

Issue and renewal of temporary residence and employment permits for third country nationals who are employed by companies/enterprises of foreign interests

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