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Taxi in Cyprus. Taxi in Larnaca and Paphos airports. A car with a driver.

We offer comfy and reliable taxi in Cyprus.
You can book a shuttle service to the airports of Cyprus, as well as delivery to any hotel in Cyprus.

Despite the fact that the cost of a taxi from the airport inexpensive, we have high level cars.
Class of our taxi is one of the best in Cyprus - Mercedes.
All taxi are licensed and can be equipped with Wi-Fi.
We will meet you at the airport or at the hotel and drive you to anywhere point in Cyprus.

You can order 4 seat taxi and 6 seat taxi.

4 seat taxi 6 seat taxi

The rate is for the car , not per person.

The price of a taxi to and from Larnaca Airport

The first price up to 4 people, the second for 6 passengers:
Larnaca Airport - Larnaca /Larnaka town: 21 €, 33 €
Larnaca Airport - Nicosia / Lefkosia: 50 €, 65 €
Airport Larnaca - Ayia Napa / Agia Napa: 52 €, 64 €
Larnaca Airport - Protaras, Paralimni: 55 €, 72 €
Airport Larnaca - Limassol / Lemesos: 55 €, 75 €
Larnaca Airport - Pissouri: 90 €, 125 €
Larnaca Airport - Platres: 80 €, 100 €
Larnaca Airport - Aphrodite Hills: 85 €, 110 €
Airport Larnaca - Paphos / Pafos: 107 €, 120 €
Larnaca Airport - Coral Bay / Pafos Coral Bay: 110 €, 135 €
Larnaca Airport - Polis (Laci): 130 €, 155 €

Prices for taxi to and from Paphos airport

The first price up to 4 people, the second for 6 passengers:
Airport Paphos - Paphos town: 33 €, 43 €
Airport Paphos - Coral Bay / Pafos Coral Bay: 43 €, 50 €
Airport Paphos - Latchi (Polis): 60 €, 75 €
Airport Paphos - Limassol / Lemesos: 60 €, 75 €
Airport Paphos - Larnaca / Larnaka: 107 €, 120 €
Airport Paphos - Nicosia / Lefkosia: 117 €, 127 €
Airport Paphos - Ayia Napa / Agia Napa: 136 €, 156 €
Airport Paphos - Protaras, Paralimni: 136 €, 160 €
Airport Paphos - Aphrodite Hills: 40 €, 53 €
Airport Paphos - Pissouri: 45 €, 55 €
Airport Paphos - Pissouri / Platres: 75 €, 89 €

The taxi price from Larnaca airport to north Cyprus (temporary under turkish occupation)

Larnaca Airport to Kerynia / Girne 82 €
Larnaca Airport to Famagusta / Gazimagusta 69 €
Larnaca Airport to Ergan Airport Timbou / Ercan Airport 65 €
Larnaca Airport to Bogazi / Bogas 91 €

Our taxi prices are fixed .
Seats for children are always free.

When place an order, please inform:
- date and time of arrival;
- flight number (or departure city);
- number of persons and whether there is a non-standard baggage;
- name and / or family name (for the plate in meeting point);
- phone number to which we can send Whatsup, Viber, Telegram, SMS message.

Book taxi in Cyprus now

The best offerBest offer:
regardless of the time of day
taxi from Larnaca Airport to Limassol
and from Limassol to Larnaca Airport
only 52 euros.

Distance between the towns of Cyprus

The speed of the taxi on the highway - 100-120 kilometers per hour, so with the help of table distances between cities in Cyprus you can learn about time on the road.

The longest journey in Cyprus from Paralimni to Polis - 223 kilometers.
From the capital of Cyprus (Nicosia), the longest road - to Polis - 188 kilometers.

Dollars, pounds, rubles, hryvnia tenge, manat, and other ridiculous currency is not money in Cyprus so please pay in Euros.

Hitch-hiking is a rare phenomenon.

Bus ride is not very cheap.
For example from Nicosia to Limassol you can reach by car for 60 euros.
A bus - 10 euros.

Speed on the road is limited to 100 km per hour.
Of course car can go faster - just ask the driver.
But for every speeding 1 km. you must pay 2 euros to a policeman.

If you do not want to drive by yourself, or you have no rights (alcohol), we can arrange a car with a driver for you.

It is not only convenient, but it can even be cheaper then rent a car. By selecting this option, you will see more villages of Cyprus, as well as access to places where buses are not allowed.

What could be more memorable than a dinner at a tavern in the quaint village is far from the traditional tourist destinations?
Or what could be more romantic than a sunset on the birthplace of Aphrodite?

We'll take you up the morning from the hotel or apartment and return you in the evening. The prices include the rent of the vehicle, driver, fuel costs and any cost of parking. Air conditioning, complimentary water, fruit juices and snacks (cakes / fruit) are also provided.
Not included entrance fees and meals.
Tipping - it's up to you.

Cyprus Traffic Laws - Offences, Fines and Points

Tariffs on normal routes and taxi in Cyprus

If you for some reason is not suitable public transportation and car rental also not an option, then in Cyprus there are two types of taxi - the usual taxi and so-called share-taxi.

Regular taxi

The usual taxi can take you to any place (except territories occupied by Turkey) and at any time. Such taxi can be called from hotels, cafererias, home, or catch in the street. Night taxi fare more expensive than daily taxi by 15%. Day rate applies from 6:00 to 20:30, the night from 20:30 to 6:00.

Here is officially approved price list for urban taxi in Cyprus :
Service Name: price for the first time 6:01 - 20:30, the second 20:31 - 06:00
Price for landing in a taxi: 3.42 EUR 4.36 EUR
Price per kilometer: 0.73 euros, 0.85 euros
Delay or waiting time: 13,66 Euro per hour, 15.71 euros per hour
For every luggage weighing more than 12 kg: 1.20 Euro 1.20 Euro
Surcharge holidays: 1.96 euro

Route taxi service (Travel Express)

Shared Taxi cheaper than regular taxi. Shuttle buses run between the cities of Cyprus, the drawback is that only run during the day. Another major drawback - service taxi can not drive into the airport. These shuttles carry 10-15 passengers.

Taxi in northern Cyprus (temporary occupied by turkey troops)

Taxi on the "turkish" part of the island run in all major cities. There are formal counters and tariffs, but as a rule, the cost of travel depends on the agreement with the taxi driver. In general, the cost of travel by taxi in the north of Cyprus is about two-three times more expensive than in the southern part because of fraud and theft.

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