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Cyprus translators and interpreters. Documents translation in Cyprus.

Order translation in Cyprus now

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What translation services can be obtained in Cyprus ?

Our translation agency in Cyprus offers high quality translation services :
Simultaneous translation
Legal translation
Technical translation
Medical Translation
Literary translation
Translation of video and audio
Legalization and apostille
Proofreading and Editing
Judicial translation
Certification of translations
Translation of web sites
Support Web site

What documents can be translated in Cyprus ?

- documents of individuals, lease agreement, account statements, contract of purchase;
- certificates, diplomas, letters, questionnaires, summary;
- birth certificate, certificate of baptism, marriage certificate, death certificate;
- marital status certificate;
- passport, driving license;
- medical reports and opinions;
- visa, residence permit;
- letters, requests from public authorities;

documents containing specific terminology
- medical reports;
- company documents, agreements, contracts;
- international or bilateral agreements between Cyprus and other countries;
- legal documents, inheritance documents, court decisions, the power of attorney;
- will;
- conference papers, speeches;
- etc.

How I can order translation of documents in Cyprus ?

1. contact us (e-mail, phone, feedback form) and specify details of Translation :
- from what and to what language to be translated ?
- how urgently need a translation ?
- how many pages ?
- where you want to show translated documents ?
- do you need apostille ?
- do you need private or public translator ?

2. Pay for an interpreter in any convenient ways.

3. Send original documents from anywhere in the world to Nicosia Cyprus.
Original needed as will be sewn to the original translation .
To Nicosia - because here is PIO - the official state body whose translation is accepted everywhere unlike notarized .
We work with reliable courier services (delivery period within Cyprus 1-3 hours, anywhere in the world - 3 working days).
To accelerate the translation please send by e-mail scan of the document.

4. Expect delivery (usually 1-3 days )

5. Get documents anywhere in the world or Cyprus.

How much cost translation of documents in Cyprus ?

Price starts from 22 Euro (without certification). Translation and certification - 40 Euro per page (about 250 words / 25 lines per page ) of a conventional document.
Translation and certification - 50 Euro per page (about 250 words per page) document containing specific terminology.

With a large number of pages possible discounts up to 50% .

For urgent transfer (one day) extra charge of 10 Euro per page .

Certified copies of the original - 4 Euro per page .

Apostilled documents, notarization, notarized in court - 50 Euro.

What is included in the cost of interpreter services :

☑ translation
✔ certification
delivery to the point in any town of Cyprus (FREE delivery including Paphos region, Limassol, Larnaca, Famagusta, Nicosia).

How much is synchronous (oral) translation in Cyprus ?

Depending on the language - from 35 Euro (eg Russian - Greek) to 150 Euro (eg French and Greek).
contact us

Where I can use an interpreter ?

Translator can accompany you in any city in Cyprus :
Ayia Napa,
as well as abroad.

From and to what languages I can order interpreter in Cyprus ?

In our translation bureau in Cyprus there are professional translators with experience in translating texts both general and specialized, including technical, medical and scientific topics, specialized in different areas of the economy, law, medicine, science and technology.

Our translation agency in Cyprus translates texts and documents into 52 languages ​​of the world

(* 25 of them - can be certified by a public authority and sworn in Cyprus):

translation into Azerbaijani and Azerbaijani interpreters
* translation into Albanian and Albanian interpreters
* translation into English and English translators
* translation into Armenian and Armenian interpreters
translation into Belarusian and Belarusian interpreters
* translation into Bulgarian and from Bulgarian translators
* translation into Hungarian and Hungarian interpreters
* translation into Greek and Greek translators
* translated into Georgian and Georgian interpreters
* translation into Danish and Danish translators
Icelandic translation and translators from the Icelandic
* Spanish translation and Spanish translators
* translation into Italian and Italian translators
translation into Catalan and Catalan interpreters
translation into Kyrgyz and translators from Kyrgyz
translation into Korean and Korean translators
translation into Kurdish and Kurdish interpreters
translation into Latvian and Latvian interpreters
translation into Lithuanian and Lithuanian interpreters
translation into Macedonian and Macedonian interpreters
translation into Malaysian Malaysian and interpreters
translation into Moldovan and Moldovan interpreters
translation into Mongolian and Mongolian interpreters
* translation into German and German translators
translation into Norwegian and Norwegian translators
translation into Dutch and Dutch translators
* Persian translation and translators from Persian
* translation into Polish and Polish translators
* translation into Portuguese and Portuguese translators
Pashto translation and translators Pashto
* translation into Romanian and Romanian interpreters
* translation into Russian and Russian interpreters
* Serbian translation and translators from Serbian
* translation into Slovak and Slovak interpreters
translation into Slovenian and Slovenian interpreters
Tatar translation and translators from the Tatar
* translation into Turkish and Turkish translators
translation into Turkmen and Turkmen interpreters
translation into Uzbek and Uzbek interpreters
* translation into Ukrainian and Ukrainian interpreters
translation into Urdu and Urdu interpreters
translation into Finnish and Finnish interpreters
* translation into French and French translators
translation into Hindi and Hindi translators
translation into Croatian and from Croatian translators
* translation into Czech and Czech interpreters
* translation into Swedish and Swedish interpreters
* translation into Estonian and Estonian interpreters
translation into Japanese and Japanese translators

Middle East Languages

Arabic translation and translators, interpreters from Arabic
Hebrew translation and translators, interpreters from Hebrew

CIS (ex-USSR) Languages

Kazakh translation and translators, interpreters from Kazakh

Asia Languages

Chinese translation and translators, interpreters from Chinese

Get translation in Cyprus now

Just contact us.
We do not accept illegal documents, such as a contract for the supply of weapons or drugs .

Availability of professional editors guarantee the relevance and quality of the translation .
Moreover all translations will be certified with the official seal of the state of the Cyprus Information Bureau .

We are ready to advise you by phone, email or at the office and promptly calculate the provisional cost of translation in Cyprus.

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Certified Translation in Cyprus

Types of translation

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