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Apostille and Legalization in Cyprus.

Is it possible to make apostille and Legalization in Cyprus through CyprusSite.com ?

Yes, it is possible. Just contact us.

How much cost apostille in Cyprus ?

The price depends on many factors (e.g. currency of payment, exchange rate, method of payment, bank fees).

How many days need for apostille ?

1 working day upon receipt of the original documents.

How and where can I send documents for apostille ?

I live in Germany (USA, Italy, UK, Australia), but need to make apostille in Cyprus. Can I send originals to cyprussite.com ?

Documents can be sent from and to anyone and anywhere in the world.
So, contact us and we will give you address and way to pay.

What documents can be apostillezed in Cyprus?

The original document.
A true copy of the document is also accepted only if it has been notarized by the Municipality of the Republic of Cyprus where it was originally issued.

Any official government documents issued by Cyprus:

apostille on documents of civil status:

- Birth certificate
- Marriage certificate
- Certificate of divorce
- Death certificate
- Certificate of adoption / adoption order
- Evidence of a change of surname, name, patronymic
- Evidence of paternity / maternity
- Apostille of the judgment to establish paternity
- Certificates of registration authorities
- A certificate of good conduct
- Identity card
- Passport

Apostille on documents about education:

- Apostille on diploma
- Apostille on appendix to the Diploma
- Apostille on certificate
- Apostille on appendix to the certificate

Apostille can be put only on the original

- Certificates of Incorporation issued by the Department of the Registrar of Companies and Official Receiver in Cyprus
- Statements
- Consent
- Power of Attorney
- Other documents certified by a notary
- Contracts

Apostille can be put only on the certified copy

- certificate of tax registration
- Charter of the Company

Is it possible to put an Apostille on a document issued by a private organization?

Since the document issued by a private organization rather than a public body, the procedure is a longer and complicated.

First you have to find those people who signed this document to assure their signature (Certifing Officer), then assure the district administration (District Officer) and only after that - the Ministry of Justice.

The usual Apostille procedure for a Power of Attorney, for instance, is to issue the document by the company, directors sign, certifying officer certifies the signatures, District officer certifies the signature of the certifying officer, and the Ministry of Justice and Public Order, certifies the signature of the District Officer.

What is an Apostille?

Apostille - is a certification by the Ministry of Justice and Public Order, that all signatures on a local public document are valid, in countries outside Cyprus. All countries in the Hague Convention of 5th October 1961, accept Apostille. Countries not participating in the Hague Convention, need legalization of documents through the Embassy or the Consulate of the country of destination.

Cyprus has adopted the Hague Convention on Private International Law and the same was passed into national law by Law 178/86.


What country is in the list of countries that recognize the Hague Convention of 1961 ?

Are Germany, France, Great Britain, Italy, Cyprus, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Kazakhstan in the list of countries that recognize the Hague Convention of 1961?

Yes, they are included in the list.

List of all countries where Apostille issued in Cyprus is recognized.

What should be in Apostille?

According to the 1961 Hague Convention, Apostille is a square with a side of not less than 9 cm and should be in the form annexed to the Convention.

The text of the Apostille must contain the following details:

- Name of the Country issuing the Apostille
- Name of the person signing the Apostille
- Position of the person who signed the Apostille
- Name of the institution, the seal / stamp is affixed to the document
- The name of the city in which Apostille made
- Date of the Apostille
- Name of the authority
- Apostille Number
- Seal / stamp of the authority
- Signature of the officer

Apostille can be made up as one of the official languages ​​of the Convention (French or English), and the national language of the Country who make Apostille. In practice, the inscription on the certificate are often duplicated in two languages ​​(one of the languages ​​of the Convention and national).

Example Apostille Russia

Example Apostille Russia.

Title «Apostille (Convention de la Haye du 5 octobre 1961)" shall be given in French.

Apostille can be put on free place in a document or on its reverse side, or on a separate sheet of paper. In this case, the sheets and sheet of paper with Apostille attached together and stitched. The number of stapled sheets shall be signed by the person who make Apostille.

What is the competent authority in Cyprus may put an Apostille?

Authority in charge: the Ministry of Justice and Public Order of the Republic of Cyprus
Address: Ministry of Justice and Public Order, 125, Athalassas Avenue, 1461 Nicosia, Cyprus
Phone: +357 (22) 805 950/805 964/805 928
Fax: +357 (22) 518 356/518 328
Contact: Ms. Ellie Canary Morfaki, Mrs. Maria Iasonos
Languages: Greek, English
E-mail: registry@mjpo.gov.cy, miasonos@mjpo.gov.cy, emorphaki@mjpo.gov.cy
Official site: http://www.mjpo.gov.cy/

What is the Apostille, issued in Cyprus?

Example apostille Cyprus

Example apostille Cyprus.

Is it possible to put an Apostille at the consulate or embassy?


Is it possible to put an Apostille in Cyprus on documents issued in Germany or Italy or Russia or Ukraine or Belarus ?

No, you can not. An Apostille is placed in the country that issued the document.

Do I need to apply in person for an Apostille?

It is not required. You can you send originals to us by post.

I live in Cyprus. Can anyone apply for an Apostille?

If you are a resident of the city of Larnaca, Limassol, Paphos, Polis, Ayia Napa, Paralimni, Troodos, etc., then of course you can come to Nicosia and do everything, but you need to know what, where and when. If you are good at all, have a lot of free time, money for petrol and there are no other concerns, of course, you can do an Apostille by yourself. But it is better to trust us - the professionals. We will make an Apostille quickly and at optimal conditions.

Do I need to put an Apostille on the certificate of marriage of citizens of Russia or Ukraine in Cyprus?

Yes, you must to do. For the legalization of the document in the country of residence.

Can I make an apostille on the document issued by the TRNC (Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus)?

There is no such country exists. And to put an apostille in north Cyprus is uniquely impossible . Moreover, we warn you about the negative consequences both for you and for your business - do not do business in north Cyprus and do not enter Cyprus from occupied territory. There is only one country in island - Republic of Cyprus.

Nothern Cyprus
More information about Apostille in Turkish Republic Northern Cyprus

What is Legalisation ?

Legalisation is the procedure to have a Cyprus public document Certified to be used in a country abroad, not accepting Apostille. The procedure is different from Apostille, as the document follows a different procedure, visiting different Government offices and an Embassy or Consulate accepted by the country of document destination.

For example, a Power of Attorney issued by a Cyprus company, will be signed by the directors, their signatures certified by a certifying officer (notary public), the district officer will certify the signature of the certifying officer, then the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will certify the signature of the District Officer, and the Embassy or Consulate will certify the signature of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

When is Legalisation needed ?

When the Cyprus public document will go to a country not within the Apostille countries


We offer Certified Translations through the Press and Information Office of the Government, which can then be Apostilled and send abroad. From most languages, to most languages. Normal or fast service.


We offer a mobile Certifying Officer service, where a Certifying Officer will visit your office, board meeting room, hotel, law office, to certify in his presence signatures on documents. Identification documents must be presented to the Certifying Officer. The Certifying Officer may refuse to certify documents under certain circumstances.

How it works ?

We pick up from clients' office in Nicosia, or receive in our office, local public documents (issued in Cyprus) to be used abroad, we proceed with all necessary certifications in different Government offices or Embassies or Consulates, we pay all necessary fees or stamps, check them, and deliver them ready to our address or to our clients' address. The service is fast, confidential, reliable. We treat your documents with care and we respect our clients.

Why choose us

Because we provide this service every day, we do it fast, we do it the correct way, we save your time, we are reliable.

high quality
We always provide top quality services.

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We work around the clock 24/7 !

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We work anywhere in Cyprus.

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