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Power of attorney in Cyprus, Cyprus proxy

Can CyprusSite.com make attorney, is it possible to assure the signature on a power of attorney?

Yes, of course. Just contact us or fill in the form on this page.

What is the price of Power of Attorney?

40 Euro per proxy. If translated into other languages (German, French, Russian) and legalized by apostil - 60 Euro.

The price included completely everything:

How many time do I need to sign, certify, make apostil on proxy ?

The power of attorney shall be issued within 40 minutes. No queues and appointments.

How I can make power of attorney to a third country (England, Bulgaria, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, etc.)?

The text of proxy must be agreed by people where such power of attorney will be shown.
Send us a text, we will make translation, and then make certification with a notary.
We're taking you along with your passport and you sign in the presence of a notary, he assured signature, then we put the stamp of ministries and departments of Cyprus and put an apostil.
The power of attorney is legal both in Cyprus and in the countries that have signed the Hague Convention (all countries of European Union, Switzerland, Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia, etc.)

How to make a power of attorney to manage my account in German, French, Russian bank to my mother (living in Germany, France, Russia)?
You ask a bank what text must be in proxy, send us, we make translation, put stamps and apostil and send to country where your relatives live.

How and where original power of attorney can be send ?

The documents can be sent from anywhere and to anywhere in the world.


cost depends on the speed.

Can I translate the power of attorney after the registration ?

Yes, you can. We do translation of documents

What actions can be done with power of attorney ?

General Power of Attorney occurs when granted power of attorney to the acts, covering the entire scope of the legal entity or the general management of all the property of a citizen. Such power of attorney issued to the head of the branch of a legal entity, branch commits exactly the same actions as the legal entity itself, but to a lesser extent. Therefore, by the legal entity, branch manager give general power of attorney. When a citizen goes abroad, he may issue a general power of attorney to manage all of its property to another citizen.

Special Power of Attorney occurs when the power of attorney issued by the commission of a complex of interconnected legal action. For example, such a special power of attorney issued by a legal entity legal counsel for the conduct of all cases in arbitration, not on the resolution of a single action, and a set of actions related to the resolution of the arbitration dispute.
power of attorney to dispose of the bank account, the judicial power of attorney, power of attorney to receive a pension, the power of attorney on the car, the Trust operations with movable or immovable property.

A single power of attorney is given, the commission of any one action of one particular transaction (such as getting mail order, signing of the contract, the act of drawing, etc.) and after having done so it ceases effect.
power of attorney for the privatization, power of attorney to take the child abroad, power of attorney to get the document.

What is Power of Attorney?

The power of attorney - a document issued by one person to another to represent a third person.

What law power of attorney is regulated ?

The form and essence of the text of the power of attorney is regulated by the country where proxy will be shown to third parties.

Do I need to put an apostil on the power of attorney.

Yes, you need. You can put apostil.
but for countries not signed Haag convention we make legalization in embassy, for example in Arab Emirates.

Whether will accept power of attorney executed in Cyprus, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Kazakhstan and other countries?

Yes, will, if it is to properly arrange. We have extensive experience in the preparation of a power of attorney, so the problems do not happen.

What should be in the power of attorney?

The text of the power of attorney must contain the following details:
- date of issuance of power of attorney
- information on the trusting and the representative, it is necessary to know the full passport details of the person in whose name the power of attorney is issued (surname, first name, place and date of birth, exact address registration in Russia, passport number, by whom and when the passport was issued)
- specific powers, for whom it was issued
- signature of the person issuing the power of attorney, and the seal of the organization

sample of the power of attorney
Sample of power of attorney

- 1. Date of issue
- 2. Information on the trusting and the representative
- 3. The powers of the representative
- 4. The right of substitution (optional)
- 5. Validity of proxy (optional)
- 6. signature of the representative sample (optional)
- 7. Signature of principal
- 8. Stamp a legal entity

In what language proxy can be issued?

The power of attorney can be made on one language (Greek, German, Russian, Ukrainian, Moldavian, French, English, and so on), and also in multiple languages ​​(English, Russian, Russian-Greek).

example of the power of attorney in the Ukrainian language, Example attorney in the Ukrainian language
example of the power of attorney in the Ukrainian language

What is the authorized body in Cyprus can execute a power of attorney?

The authorized body: Notaries
List of notaries in every city in Cyprus, with which we work, you will learn in the correspondence or after contact us.

What is the power of attorney issued in Cyprus?

example of the power of attorney issued in Cyprus, example of the power of attorney issued in Cyprus, example of the power of attorney issued in Cyprus
example of the power of attorney issued in Cyprus

Can I create a power of attorney at the consulate or embassy?

For some countries it is possible, but we recommend to make with us with an apostil.

Can I use a power of attorney in Cyprus, issued in Russia (Ukraine, Belarus)?

Yes, you can, if it has apostil or consular legalization. Apostil or legalization is placed in the country where the document is issued .

Do I have to personally sign a power of attorney?

Yes, of course. When the power of attorney is signing you need to show the original passport.

What city in Cyprus can make a power of attorney?

If you have a permanent or temporary resident of Larnaca, Limassol, Paphos, Polis, Ayia Napa, Protaras, Paralimni, Nicosia, Troodos, etc., then we are in your city and sign a power of attorney. We put apostil in Nicosia.
We know how to do everything, and we know the answers to any questions about the power of attorney.
If you do not understand it, do not know who can assure your signature, it is better to trust us - the professionals. We will make a power of attorney quickly and at optimal conditions.

FAQ about proxy in Cyprus

Frequently asked questions about proxy and power of attorney in Cyprus:

What is the text of notary verification in Cyprus ?

You can ask us about power of attorney at any time.

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