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Kazakh translation and translators, interpreters from Kazakh in Cyprus.

Flag of Kazakhstan
Kazakh (Қазақша) is official language of Kazakhstan.

Order translation from Kazakh to English or Greek in Cyprus now :

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How to translate document (certificate) from Kazakh to English or Greek in Cyprus

We translate any document issued in Kazakhstan and any document in Kazakh.
Translations from the English or Greek into Kazakh (vice versa) are also offered.

I need to translate documents for marriage in Cyprus

We translate documents for municipalities in Cyprus to get marriage.
All translation will be certified by notary public and will be accepted in Cyprus.

Can translation from Kazakh to English or Greek in Cyprus be certified by PIO ?

No, PIO can not certify translation from Kazakh, only we can certify with notary public or Court certification with Affidavit (sworn translation) and Apostille.

How much cost translation of documents from Kazakh to English or Greek in Cyprus ?

Translator, phrasebook, Greek lessons
Information about price and delivery

high quality
We always provide top quality services.

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We work around the clock 24/7 !

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We work anywhere in Cyprus.

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