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Apostille and Legalization in Northern Cyprus

How to get stamp on document from Lefkosha, Girne, Famagusta in north Cyprus (TRNC)

Is it possible to make Apostille and Legalization in north Cyprus through CyprusSite.com ?

No, it is NOT possible. Even if you contact us.

How much cost Apostille in Northern Cyprus ?

The price is 100 billion EUR, this is a cost of compensation to be paid to Cypriots.

How many days need for Apostille ?

We can make Apostille in 1 hour after Cyprus is united. Or if you already get documents from "municipality" of Kyreneya, Famagusta or Lefkosha - you need eternity.

How and where can I send documents for Apostille ?

Documents can be sent from and to anyone and anywhere in the world.
So, contact us and we will give you address and way to pay.

What documents from TRNC can be with stamp Apostille?

No one.

NO Apostille on documents of civil status:

- NOT on Birth certificate
- NO Apostille on Marriage certificate
- NO Apostille on Certificate of divorce
- NO Apostille on Death certificate
- NO Apostille on Certificate of adoption / adoption order
- NO Apostille on Evidence of a change of surname, name, patronymic
- NO Apostille on Evidence of paternity / maternity
- NO Apostille on Apostille of the judgment to establish paternity
- NO Apostille on Certificates of registration authorities
- NO Apostille on A certificate of good conduct

NO Apostille on documents about education:

- NO Apostille on diploma
- NO Apostille on appendix to the Diploma
- NO Apostille on certificate
- NO Apostille on appendix to the certificate

NO Apostille can be put only on the original

- NO Apostille on Certificates of Incorporation issued by the Department of the Registrar of Companies and Official Receiver in Cyprus
- NO Apostille on Statements
- NO Apostille on Consent
- NO Apostille on Power of Attorney
- NO Apostille on Other documents certified by a notary
- NO Apostille on Contracts

NO Apostille can be put only on the certified copy

- NO Apostille on certificate of tax registration
- NO Apostille on Charter of the Company

What is an Apostille?

Apostille - is a certification by the Ministry of Justice and Public Order, that all signatures on a local public document are valid, in countries outside Cyprus.
More information about Apostille.

Is it possible to make Legalisation of documents from North Cyprus ?

No, impossible. trnc is not recognised, so no embassy or consulate in occupied area of Cyprus.

I got married in Northern Cyprus (Girne or Famagusta of Lefkosha)

Such marriage certificate is not legal in any country because it does not have an official Cyprus or Turkish Apostille stamp on it.
No one told you at the time of marriage that you will need this Apostille stamp fixing to the marriage certificate
And if you contact the "registry office" in Girne or Famagusta of Lefkosha were you got married they just tell you they could not put this Apostille Stamp on there and that it must be done in Ankara Turkey or lady in marriage office can say that Apostille is not required anymore.
But nobody in Cyprus or Turkey do not have the authority to fix this Apostille stamp to marriage certificate.
Only solicitor in Turkey the best he can come up with is having the original marriage certificate translated into Turkish and have an Apostil Stamp put on the legalised translated Turkish copy.
But any authorities have stated the Apostil stamp must be put on the original marriage certificate not a translated copy of it and the Turkish solicitor has said they cannot put an Apostil stamp on a marriage certificate issued in Girne, Northern Cyprus.
So do not get marriage in north Cyprus.

I was born in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (Girne or Famagusta or Lefkosha)

If you need birth certificate, you will never receive legal document from North Cyprus. It is mean that you was not born. Officially. This is true.

I am so happy to find this information about Apostille in Northern Cyprus

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