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Vodka Putinoff Lidl.

After the imposition of sanctions by the EU (led by Germany) in 2014 the German retailer has been tasked to bring the essence of the policy to each customer.
Since in Germany (and worldwide) Russia is associated with Russian vodka, then decided to make the focus on the product, represents the whole nation.

Vodka Putinoff
Vodka Putinoff

Beverage strength standard - alcohol is 40 degrees.
bottle capacity - 0.5 liters.


Name of vodka was to convey the mood of Europeans regarding Russia intervention to Ukraine and Crimea.
While many ran with placards - "Russia go out", "Putin go away", "Hands out from Ukraine".
Finally fixed on the posters that people used in the Baltics, Amsterdam, Berlin and London:

Hands off Ukraine

And as Lidl does not sell products advertised (eg Smirnoff, Nemiroff, Eristoff, Nemanoff), and makes the similarity, the name Putinoff well integrated into the product range.

Reasonable price

For more spread among the population, it was decided to sell the vodka with a minimum profit.

Vodka Putinoff price
In Europe you can buy Putinoff vodka only for 4 euros, which corresponds to the lowest price in Russia - 199 rubles for half-liter.

Three times distilled

The figure 3 represents the Holy Trinity: God the Father, God the Son and the Holy Spirit.

The fact that vodka is distilled three times, indicating that after triple distillation "In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit", the contents of the bottle very clean and does not contain contaminants or impurities.

And as thrice denied Jesus the apostle Peter, the buyer has at least three times to renounce resolute and unwavering position of Putin in solving internal and external problems in Russia.

Bottle shape

A bottle of vodka is made in the form of a bust of the monument

Bust of Lenin Bottle of vodka Putinoff

It should be emphasized that the President of Russia - it is like a monument already.


Vodka Putinoff oxygenated

Since according to western press that under the yoke of the king and autocrat in Russia it is impossible for Russian man breathe freely, vodka saturated with oxygen.

It focuses on the buyer's need to maintain freedom of speech and expression, especially after consuming the product.

In addition (to the Russian-speaking buyer) font word about oxygen saturation was chosen so that you could read: Ohuenated, in the tone of the song of football ultras - "Putin-hu..o."


And the final nail of this vodka producer appointed to logo on which is written the word Putinoff.

Vodka Putinoff emblem Coffin

Editorial of CyprusSite.com asks Roscomnadzor of Russia to intervene and stop such heinous propaganda vodka producer Putinoff and prohibit to sell it in stores LIDL.

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