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Looking for a lawyer in Cyprus ? Whant to be a lawyer ? Want to file a complaint ?

Where I can find list of all active lawyers in Cyprus ?

List of lawyers can be found in the Cyprus Bar Association

I am looking for a lawyer to take over my case. Where can I find one ?

The Cyprus Bar Association CANNOT recommend a lawyer but it can you provide the list in order to choose from. The list of lawyers is found in the website and is separated per District.

The list contains only the lawyers that have renewed their annual license.

The registered lawyers can undertake any case and there are no specialities.

For further information you can contact us.

I am a lawyer registered in another European country of the European Union. How can I register in Cyprus and practice my proffesion here?

According to Law 180 (I) /2002, Law which modifies the according to Lawyers Law, on aims of harmonisation with the European Directive 98/05/EK for the facilitation of permanent exercise of lawyer's profession in member state different than one where professional title was acquired, which was placed in force with the adhesion of Cyprus in the European Union in the 1.5.2004, can practise permanently the profession of lawyer in Cyprus, lawyers nationals of member states of EU, as free professional or payed. Before the exercise of profession of lawyer in the Democracy the lawyer will be supposed to bring the professional title of member state in which she acquired the right bring this title. In Cyprus they owe to register in special section of Registration of Lawyers that Practises the Profession.

For the registration [ayti] [to] Legal Council requires the producing of following certificates:

a) certificate by which is proved the citizenship of member state.

b) certificate of white penal registration.

c) certificate of registration in registration of his responsible beginning

member state of origin as well as certification that the lawyer continues practising his activities and has not been suspended or has been cancelled his authorisation for any reason. This certificate as well as the certification it should not they have been published [peran] the three months by their presentation.

Further, their professional title should be formulated of course in the language or in one from the official languages of state of origin.

Provided that becomes acceptable his application for registration from the Legal Council, each lawyer beings in the himself obligations and she has the himself right with his Cypriote colleague, she is able however she is assimilated with the Cypriote lawyer and she is included completely in the lawyer's profession in the Democracy afterwards the expiry of three-year period at which she practised practice and regular professional activity in the Democracy and in the sector of Cypriot right of included also Community right.

Before the byway of three-year period, for the representation and defence of customer front court the lawyer in question acts then agreement, with lawyer that practises the lawyer's profession in the Democracy and that is eligible it is presented front the court which sees to the affair. Also is possible the exercise of lawyer's profession in the Democracy under the professional title of origin, collective,

(a) at the same way that is practised collective the profession from Cypriote lawyers with (i) Cypriote lawyer (ii) lawyer national of member state which practises the lawyer's profession in the Democracy, and (b) with lawyer national of member state, which practises permanently the lawyer's profession in that state and with the professional title of this state.

I think my lawyer has charged me more. What can I do?

If you believe that the lawyer that undertook your case, has charged you more then you can write to the Office of the Cyprus Bar Association, where your case will be examined by the Committee of Determination Extrajudicial Compensation.

How come someone file a complaint?

Complaints which emanate from infringement of the Deontology Code should be filed in the address below with £40 (each complaint) to the Disciplinary Body.

Disciplinary Body
1045, Nicosia


How can someone register as a lawyer?

University Graduates with a Law degree recognized from the Legal Council based on Lawyers Law (Chapter 2), register themselves as lawyers after completion of a 12 month period of training practice and after they achieve in a written competition. They are organised in Local Bar Associations that have offices, the office of each District Court of the country but all are also members of Cyprus Bar Association.

The admission and their registration as lawyers, the training practice of their profession, the discipline, the pensions and the sponsorships that are provided to them are conditioned by the Lawyers Law, Chaprter 2 (as it was modified up to today) and from the Regulations which are published based on the above Law and also based on the Handing-over of Justice Law of 1964. Initially they have right to show up and fulfil cases in front of the district courts (including the Family, Working Differences, Rentals Control and Military Courts) and after that depending on the years of exercise of profession in front of the Chairman of the District Court, Criminal court and Upper Court.

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