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Search registered Cyprus company, Certificate of Good standing, Incorporation, Directors, Shareholders, Registered office.

company search
Cyprus company search

Can I order with CyprusSite.com documents about company, registered in Cyprus?

Yes, you can. Just contact us or fill in form on this page.

Which data should I submit to get the information about a Cyprus company ?

You need to provide us with the name of the company and / or registration number.

Is it possible to find out whether the company is registered in Cyprus and status?

If you wish to know does company in Cyprus exist or not, it is necessary to check whether the company is in the Register of companies in Cyprus.
We can check if you have name or part of the name or number.
Information to be provided:
- Name
- Reg. Number
B or EE = Business Name (Εμπορική Επωνυμία)
C or HE = Limited Company (Εταιρεία)
P or Σ = Partnership (Συνεταιρισμός)
N or BN = Old Partnership (Παλαιός Συνεταιρισμός)
O or AE = Overseas Company (Αλλοδαπή Εταιρεία)

- Type (Limited Company)
- Name Status (Current name)
- Registration Date
- Organisation Status
may be: Active;

- Status date.
Price for this information - 10 euro.

What type of Official Company Certificates can be issued ?

Certificate of Good Standing
Solvency Certificate or Certificate of non receiving order or non-bankruptcy order
Certificate of Registration (Incorporation)
Certified Copy of Memorandum and Articles of Association
Certificate of Directors and Secretary
Certificate of Shareholders
Certificate of Registered Address
Certificate of Share Capital
Certificate of Registered Office Address
Certificate pointing out any change of registered Company Name (per change)
Financial accounts (if it has been filed with the Registrar).
only 5%-10% of LTD companies filed; joint-stock companies are required to report once a year

Can I see examples and samples of registration documents of companies in Cyprus ?

Yes, examples and samples here.

How much does cost information about Cyprus company

Official documents from Registrar - 100 euro per Certificate.
Certified Copy of Memorandum and Articles of Association - 150 euro.

We may provide you with the information in electronic form:
1) Latest Valid Registered Records Report (current valid company registered address, nominal & issued share capital, shareholders, directors, secretary and any currently valid registered financial charges / burdens.
2) Full History Company Registration Records Report: Same as above plus every change of nominal share capital, issuing of shares, transfer of shares, appointments or resignations of directors / secretary, registered address, financial charges / burdens.
Pricing 50 and 100 euro accordingly.

Terms of providing information about a Cyprus company

Information may be obtained in 1 working day.

How I can receive documents ?

We will send documents to any point of the world.
Just choose Courier or Post Service.

Can you translate the certificates ?

Yes, we can. Documents translation

Can I get a Declaration of Trust from the nominee shareholder (Deed of Trust).

No. This information is not included in the Cyprus Companies Registry.

Can I get copies of passports of directors and shareholders ?

Yes, in some cases.

Can you Apostille Company Certificates ?

Yes, we can. Apostille and Legalization in Cyprus.

Can I find out what is the field of activity of a Cyprus company ?

In order to determine the activity of the company, you have to order the Memorandum and Articles of Association.

How can I find a contact telephone number, fax or email of company registered in Cyprus ?

Companies registered in Cyprus are not required to disclose their contact information (contact phone, fax or email), but such information can be found on request.

How can I verify that the VAT number of a Cyprus company is correct and valid ?

If you already have a VAT number, you can validate and verify any VAT number directly at the VIES website http://ec.europa.eu/taxation_customs/vies/.

Can I get information about beneficial owner ?

This information is not included in the Cyprus Companies Registry and is not in the public domain. Unfortunately we cannot assist at all.

Can I get information about company registered in "turkish republic of northern Cyprus" ?

No, there is no such country.

What about privacy, does the company gets notified in any way that we have ordered such information ?

No. The Cyprus Companies Registry files are available for public inspection by anyone, and the target company is never aware how many times and who requested to inspect their company registry file. We will never disclode your contact details and orders are secured by confidentiality.

Can I get information about company registered in other countries ?

Yes, List of Registrar in other countries.

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