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Cyprus Property Management Services for Apartment Buildings


I live in an apartment. Does the Law requires to assign the building administration of my building to a company?

No, the Law does not require such a thing. What the Law requires is for each shared building (building that is made of at least 5 units,) a building administration committee to run and manage the communal area of the building.

How is your company charging the communal expenses?

The communal expenses of the building are estimated based on the area of each unit; the square meters of each unit with whatever this may include (storage rooms, covered or uncovered patios etc).

I have a store on the ground floor of the building/The apartment I own, is not my main residence. Do I have to contribute as well in all communal expenses of the building such as the elevator maintenance?

YES. ALL units must participate in the communal bills of the building regardless if the owners are not being benefited by ALL the services of the building (Elevator, electricity etc) at the degree that others are. Only when the owners of the building decide as such, at a General Meeting, a unit will be exempted by some of the communal bills.

What is the payment manner of the communal expenses to your company?

Every month, our Company sends an analytical statement of the communal expenses of the building, along with a Reserves fund statement - if such a fund exists-to each contributor. We advice our customers to arrange the payment of their communal expenses signing a standing order at their bank. In such case, the communal expenses will be estimated how much they will cost approximately per month with the Company and the owners reserving the right to adjust the fixed price to meet a more realistic level. In a different case, our customers can make a deposit in one of our bank accounts. If customers wish to pay in cash, a collector of the Company will go to their apartment to collect with a minimal charge for this service.

Would you say you have a good customer service? Can you respond to emergencies?

Yes! Our working hours are from 8.00 A.M until 8.00 P.M, Monday till Friday. Whenever you ring us during these hours, one member of our team will be able to respond to your call and serve you in the best possible way. We are also encouraging our customers to call us during the weekends when they believe there is an emergency problem that may cause bigger damages if they are not directly resolved.

Our Company assigns a building administrator to be responsible for each building; checks if the weekly cleaning schedule is implemented correctly by the cleaner and make sure that the communal area is flawless. These regular check ups by the administrator help prevent any damages and the required maintenance is provided on time.

Whad do you consider communal area? What includes the area exactly that you clean?

Communal area is every department of the building that it is not registered as a unit and these will be defined accordingly with the owners of the building. In general, this area includes: entrance, corridors of each floor, stairs, windows, doors, elevator, parking place and the sidewalk.

What do you do when someone neglects or refuses to pay for his/her apartment's communal expenses?

In case the buildings' fund is in a deficit, the communal bills will not be paid, with negative results to arise until the fund has sufficient amount of money to cover the bills. In the case that someone is repeatedly neglecting to pay his bills for consecutive months, our Company will notify him/her in writing and if the situation remains the same, having the buildings' committee consent, the Company has the right to take legal actions in order to retrieve the amount of the communal expenses of his/her apartment as well as the expenses required for the legal actions to be taken.

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