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AFTER two years of work perfecting a Cyprus-specific search engine, a Paphos-based company is launching, a website described as the Cypriot version of Google. The search engine aims to create an online community resource for locals and visitors where any Cyprus-related information is readily available, including information, news, entertainment, services or products.

"Although there is a wealth of information on Cyprus out there, there was nowhere where it could be seen all together with easy access in an organised format," said Elias Xenofontos, Yasmos Managing Director. "Consumers can be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information and may be put off having to search to find something useful. "That's where Yasmos comes in. We are passionate about Cyprus and feel that Yasmos provides a window on Cyprus, a home for information exclusively for and about Cyprus."

He said Yasmos was not designed as an online directory but as a comprehensive search engine. "Yasmos is a unique concept coming to Cyprus. It is an online goldmine of information for the island. It is the most comprehensive search engine in Cyprus consisting of ten leading web properties making it useful for all age groups," he said.

The creators of Yasmos claim that when searching for a product or service that exists in Cyprus, their search engine will be faster and more effective than a Google search. "There is no comparison with Google in terms of search result relevance. At Google you would have to go through 30 pages to get the results that you would find on your first page at Yasmos," he said.

In addition to the search engine which brings up only Cyprus-specific results, Yasmos features a Real Estate section, Travel, Video (comparable to YouTube), Entertainment, News, Shopping, Email and Marketplace. At the 'marketplace' for example, individuals can post their classified advertisements for free, while its advertising options will enable Cypriot companies to target local and overseas crowds.

"Yasmos offers unparalleled opportunities for Cyprus-based companies to showcase their business and products to Cyprus and the world. With our marketing strategy Yasmos will in a relatively short period of time have a massive user base and strong brand presence both in Cyprus and abroad," he said.

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