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Information for Cypriots traveling abroad.

Cypriot citizens are not required to have an entry visa to countries indicated below.

Cypriot nationals traveling to countries not mentioned above, need to apply for an Entry and / or Transit Visa, before leaving Cyprus.

Important Notes:

  1. Cypriot nationals traveling to Albania and Belize will be given a visa upon arrival.
  2. Cypriot nationals traveling to Brunei Darussalam will be given a visa, valid for a 14-day visit, upon arrival.
  3. Cypriot nationals traveling to Gambia and Indonesia will be given a visa, valid for a 21-day visit, upon arrival.
  4. Cypriot nationals traveling to the Maldives and Malaysia will be given a visa, valid for a 30-day visit, upon arrival.
Passport validity

Most countries, for admission to their territory, require that the expiration date of a travel document be at least 3-6 months later than the predicted date of departure from that country. Cypriot citizens require a valid passport for travel to almost all destinations.

Ensure, at least two weeks before your trip, that you have a valid, unexpired passport. Some countries now insist that your passport should be valid for up to six months after your departure, so check the expiry date carefully.

Cypriots are not required to have an entry visa to the following countries
  1. Albania
  2. Andorra
  3. Argentina
  4. Austria
  5. Barbados
  6. Belgium
  7. Belize
  8. Bolivia
  9. Bosnia & Herzegovina
  10. Brunei Darussalam
  11. Bulgaria
  12. Canada
  13. Central African Republic
  14. Chile
  15. Colombia
  16. Costa Rica
  17. Croatia
  18. Czech Republic
  19. Denmark
  20. El Salvador
  21. Estonia
  22. Finland
  23. France
  24. FYR of Macedonia
  25. Gambia
  26. Germany
  27. Greece
  28. Grenada
  29. Guatemala
  30. Hungary
  31. Iceland
  32. Ireland
  33. Israel
  34. Italy
  35. Jamaica
  36. Japan
  37. Korea, Republic of (South)
  38. Latvia
  39. Lesotho
  40. Liechtenstein
  41. Lithuania
  42. Luxembourg
  43. Malawi
  44. Malaysia
  45. Maldives
  46. Malta
  47. Mauritius
  48. Mexico
  49. Moldova
  50. Monaco
  51. Montenegro
  52. Morocco
  53. Netherlands
  54. New Zealand
  55. Nicaragua
  56. Norway
  57. Panama
  58. Paraguay
  59. Peru
  60. Philippines
  61. Poland
  62. Portugal
  63. Romania
  64. San Marino
  65. Saint Lucia
  66. Serbia
  67. Seychelles
  68. Singapore
  69. Slovak Republic
  70. Slovenia
  71. South Africa
  72. Spain
  73. Swaziland
  74. Sweden
  75. Switzerland
  76. Trinidad and Tobago
  77. Ukraine
  78. United Kingdom
  79. Uruguay
  80. Vanuatu
  81. Zambia

Non UN Members / Territories

  1. Hong Kong S.A.R
  2. Macao S.A.R
  3. Holy See (Vatican City)

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